dclare a declarative programming language

You can download jdclare from github now (our java embeddable implementation of dclare).


Unlock all multi processor capabilities.
Don't program threading.
Reduce bugs.
Reduce maintenance.


Define dependencies between values, do not program them.

No listeners, no listener-races, no listener-bugs.

Automatic fine grained parallelism.

team and project

The dclare project is run by the Modeling Value Group B.V., a well oiled and highly experienced group of independent software architects.

We have no external funding for dclare so progress is unpredictable, unfortunately.

We can be hired and also accept funding for the dclare project.


We are working on an online demo, stay tuned.


We are currently implementing the dclare compiler as well as the runtime in java.

The runtime system heavily depends on multi threading for its efficiency.


See our blog page for status and updates. Listen to our twitters for more fine grained info.